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I am a ceramic artist specialising in figurative sculpture. I practice a variety of techniques: hand building, modelling and moulded work. I use the figure as a vehicle to represent ideas of form as well as a metaphor to express different aspects of the human condition.

I also enjoy making more traditional representational sculpture such as portraiture and my new work includes animal sculpture. I find the diversity of techniques employed to produce the different type of work I make helps to keep my work fresh.

My work is multi-layered in it’s approach, as are my influences which range from ancient cycladic sculpture through to the work of more recent 20th Century Sculptors. I am currently enjoying exploring the effects of proportion and scale within my work and how this can alter the overall perception of the piece. I also take inspiration from the environment, landscape and organic forms which seep into the work fusing these elements together to evoke a sense of place.

Research for my work always starts with drawings or paintings from a primary source, as appropriate. I am currently working on a series of new preparatory drawings.