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“During the spring of 2010 the Scarlet Opus team decided to initiate an awards program to celebrate and promote the work of Designers around the world. As soon as we saw Helen Brown’s work we knew we had found the maker for our 1st award! Helen’s work is poignant, serene and thought provoking. A very professional attitude”

Victoria Redshaw, Managing Director, Scarlet Opus
“Already enjoying success and a growing audience for her figurative ceramic works. I was impressed by Helen’s historical and contemporary awareness. Her technical control and expertise have enabled her to fully record her dynamic description of the human condition and the identification of a very personal approach to ceramics.”

Peter Moss 2009    Ceramicist, Society of Designer Craftsmen
“Helen Brown’s (tiny, delicate porcelain figures) reflect perfectly the essential fragility and preciousness of us all as human beings. The figures themselves, isolated in black boxes, (that can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf), explore in their placing and body language the timeless subject of relationships in a uniquely poignant way.”

Mike Masson Over The Moon Gallery, St Agnes, Cornwall